Here's some answers to the common questions we get asked...

Are all the seats soft close?
Yes, all the seats are soft close, however the small toddler lid is on a seperate hinge and does not have the soft close feature.

Will a Lupi Lu fit my toilet?
Please refer to the will it fit section of our webiste.

How do I install?
A Lupi Lu is very simple to install and no tools should be required. Installation instructions come with your Lupi Lu.  You can also watch video demonstrations on how to install a Lupi Lu. Watch installation videos.

I need a blind fixing hinge for my Lupi Lu, what do I do?
You can purchase a Lupi Lu with a blind fixing hinge already installed.  However if you've purchased a standard Lupi Lu or you've moved house and discovered you have blind fixing pan, we have optional blind fixing kits available. These come with step by step instructions so you can swap the hinge on your Lupi Lu to a blind fixing hinge. Click here to see these on our online store.

If I'm renting or move house can I take the Lupi Lu with me?
Yes. The Lupi Lu can be ealisy removed if you need to move house. Just keep your old toilet seat when you remove it and screw it back onto the toilet pan after removing your Lupi Lu.

I need replacment parts. Where can I get these?

Most stores that stock the Lupi Lu will not have replacement parts. You will need to visit our online store to purchase replacement parts for your Lupi Lu.

Are there any specifications available for the Lupi Lu?

Yes, please click here to view the Lupi Lu spec sheet.

Do you ship the Lupi Lu to New Zealand?
Yes, we do. The shipping cost to NZ addresses is $30 for the Lupi Lu and $15 for spare parts and accessories.