Lupi Lu is my best friend. Ok, I should explain that Lupi Lu is not in fact Lulu’s loopy sister, but rather an innovative toilet seat designed for toddlers and young children! The fantastic concept of having a smaller toilet seat hole, PLUS the normal sized toilet seat beneath that, makes for an easy transition in toilet training for your youngster.

For the full review please click on this link: http://www.mumsdelivery.com.au/reviews/childrens-products/lupi-lu-toilet-training-seat/

Sarah Johnstone - mumsdelivery.com.au


"I bought 2 Lupi Lu's from you in the past and they have been great hence why im back to buy another for the grandparents house!!!"

Kim Peta Gross - The Kids Depot customer


"This has been a Godsend! I only wish I had realised there was such a thing 18 months before I found it! My almost 4 year old has always baulked at the toddler seats that go onto the toilet and prefered to perch precariously over the loo unaided. Suddenly at 3.5 he stopped pooing in the loo at all, waiting for a night nappy or if he couldn't hold on, hiding and going in his pants. The Lupi Lu totally solved this instantly. He loves it. I don't even know hes gone to the toilet unless he needs help wiping his bottom. He takes all his friends to see it! I simply cannot recommend it enough.
There is never a need to remove it if they outgrow it - other small visitors will always appreciate it and the adult seat is always there. Such a simple idea. FANTASTIC!"

OzzyTurn - Product Review


"I have just installed my Lupi Lu toilet seat. I ummed and aaahed about getting this, it seemed such a lot of money for a toilet seat, but I think it is probably one of the best kids products I have ever bought.

My eldest (almost 4) is now much more comfy using the toilet and my 17 month old can sit on the toilet so securely its amazing!!! How did I ever cope without one??? And with the amount of money spent on all those other toilet training devices I could have bought one of these to start with. If I'd only I'd known about them before."

Samara - The Kids Depot customer


"The Lupi Lu is the cleverest and most useful parenting product I have seen for ages. As soon as we put it on the toilet it improved the look of the room (much posher than our old seat!) and the kids LOVE it. Anything that helps de-clutter our house that seems to be filled with children’s toys and other paraphernalia is a winner with me.

Since we have had the Lupi Lu in the house, the twins (2) are dying to sit on the toilet and will be potty trained in no time. A few friends have asked me what we will do when the kids are older and no longer need the seat and I have told them that it will stay. We will no doubt have little visitors for many years yet and it’s no hassle to have the seat there ready for them to use.

I can’t tell you how happy I am with the Lupi Lu and I would be happy to recommend it to just about anyone – parents, friends, schools, grandparents – anyone!"

Jules – Mum of three


"It looks like this has solved my toilet training problem. This is superb quality and made of very strong durable plastic that looks like it will be very hard wearing. The toilet seat took only a couple of minutes to assemble.

This seat has transformed my life. After months of trying to toilet train with a potty this toilet seat has given my son the fun of thinking he is a big boy. He is now finally toilet trained and is still loving using the new toilet seat. The soft close hinge feature is superb. This has made such a difference and Lachlan will now got to the toilet instead of wetting his pants or the floor. The quality of the product is exceptional and I wish I had thought of it. I would definitely buy one for each of our toilets so that it is accessible no matter where you are in the house.

I have told all my friends about the Lupi Lu and how it makes it so much easier to toilet train their kids. This product has transformed my life and saved me money as I no longer need to buy nappies for my little boy. After months of trying to toilet train Lachlan it only took weeks with the Lupi Lu toilet seat."

Miranda Binmore


"Quality is of the highest standard and fitting was very easy. Only thing that lets it down is the fact that when big boys want to lift the whole seat to go, it wouldn't stay up by itself - but this may be our toilet being too close to the cistern?

Soft closure system is a great way to ensure their fingers do not get caught in the lid. My children thought it was great having a seat for little bums and a seat for big bums. This has been a fantastic product and now they all want to use the toilet.

I have triplets so was value for money, but might be a bit expensive for families with only one child. I am already bragging about the LupiLu to all my twins and triplet mums. The Lupi Lu seat gives me freedom to let the triplets go to the toilet unassisted, and makes them feel like big kids."

Melissa Wright


"I love this Lupilu seat....it's perfect. My sons are 3yo and 4yo and have Autism so any progressive task is sometimes really difficult. My oldest was petrified of any form of child toilet seat as they moved, no hope using a potty either. Hunting around on the internet I found this toilet seat. My son loved it straight away....no more fear....toileting is now a dream instead of a nightmare ! Love it!!!! Thank you :)"

Karen Efferille


"We love our Lupi Lu. Our little boy is very proud of his new 'seat'. Thanks for such a great potty training solution."

Rochelle Muscat


"The Lupi Lu is genius! We'd tried everything to get our child toilet trained, but all efforts/aides were resisted.  With Lupi Lu, all our child's fears of falling in or off the toilet were banished, and by the second day our child was using the toilet regularly with no accidents.  Best toilet training product we've tried."

Mum of 2. Melbourne, VIC.  GoToddler Customer


After trying so many solutions for my toddlers toilet training, I finally found the perfect one that met all my requirements. Not only was it simple to install, but most importantly it provided the most stable solution for my little one to feel confident to go to the toilet without help. With other solutions there were so many near misses with her falling in.

I almost didn’t buy the Lupi Lu because it didn’t meet my toilet specifications, however after contacting Lupi Lu I was well support by the friendly staff who assisted with providing a solution that met my specific toilet requirements. A quick email got me in contact with John, who went above and beyond to help provide a solution that met my needs. If you think the Lupi Lu won’t fit your toilet, don’t let that stop you, just email through your requirements and I’m sure the staff will be able to help.

James, NSW